Great deal on a 24-in-1 precision screwdriver that's just as good as Wirecutter's pick

I compulsively buy precision screwdriver sets and sit there for hours arranging them neatly. I don't even have a self-built PC or barely-accessible Mac anymore. No need for a T8, nor a Δ2.3. I just like arranging my precision screwdrivers and staring bleakly into space while I contemplate the imminent collapse of the American republic and the decades of chaos and anomie to follow.

Anyway, Amazon has a great deal on the Hotu 24-in-1 precision screwdriver today, which is about as good as the Megapro one Wirecutter likes (i.e. the bits aren't loose inside it and there are 24 of them) but much cheaper—at least until the 35%-off deal is done. The only downside is you have to get it in the most repulsive color.

At $13, though, if you don't like it you at least have an absurdly comprehensive junk-drawer screwdriver set.