Check out this free narrative video game adaptation of HP Lovecraft's DAGON

Polish indie game developer studio Bit Golem has just released a new immersive video game based on "Dagon," one of the more popular Lovecraft stories, that lets you explore the incomprehensible cosmic horrors of the ocean floor. Here's the official description:

Dagon is a free 3D narrative experience in madness (you could also call it a daemonic visual novel) based on the cult short story of the same title by the master of cosmic horror, H. P. Lovecraft himself. It's an interactive portal into the world of the controversial genius and his highly acclaimed Cthulhu Mythos, open to both newcomers and long-time devotees. Step into the shoes of a former ship officer and morphine fiend, and dive into the Stygian Abyss of a drug-addled mind. Uncover the unspeakable, long-drowned horrors on a distant eldritch island and wallow in Lovecraftian dread.

The developers claim the game can be completed in 15-30 minutes if you want to play it through that quickly. There are also downloadable (paid) expansion packs to enhance the experience. I was looking forward to playing myself, but alas, it's only available for computers running Windows. But if you have a Windows computer, it's completely free to download, and the PC Gamer review is pretty positive:

I'm a noted cosmic horror game skeptic, and I'm never surprised when a game with the theme is bad. I am surprised when they are good. Dagon strikes a nice balance: It's a point-and-click adventure, so it's more walking you through an interactive story rather than offering up a narrative in which you are a fundamental participant. That's a great step of remove for the genre. But if it interests you, well, go give it a shot. It's free.

Dagon [BitGolem / Steam]