Andrew Yang leaves Democratic Party to form his own

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang's outsider primary run and signature support for a universal basic income made him a star for some Democratic voters, but his prospects in the party have dimmed in the year since. So exit Yang, and enter his new Forward Party: "Not Left, not Right, but Forward"

The two parties are trapped in a war that they both win, while the rest of us lose. Come join the Forward Party and help us build a better system – one that puts humanity first and focuses on solutions rather than politics.

As with Yang the man, some good ideas — ranked-choice voting, UBI, bureaucricide — carried along by rainbows and unicorns. Big technocratic ideas are great if you're a liberal voter sick of hearing about other people's problems. But it can only work so long as it can avoid staking positions on subjects people really care about, and as soon as it's forced to (or avoids doing so under pressure) the illusion evaporates.