First 'Floa-lloonicle' in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Heinz is presenting a "Floa-lloonicle" in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a first in its 95-year history. A what? Their "Gravy Pirates" "Floa-lloonicle" is part float, part balloon, and part vehicle.

Past that awkward portmanteau, there's a lot to unpack from its description:

Bringing the magic to Thanksgiving morning and making its mouth-watering Parade debut is the HEINZ
Gravy Boat featuring a band of Gravy Pirates! Be on the lookout for the gallivanting Gravy Pirates patrolling
the route; their mission is to fight dryness this Thanksgiving by smothering dinner in savory HEINZ gravy!

What does it cost for a company to be part of the Parade? Well, $200K to start (2019 source):

Companies sponsoring brand-new balloons pay a seriously pricey construction and parade fee, totaling nearly $200,000 at last count. The cost is high, but advertising at the Thanksgiving parade is a huge marketing opportunity — there's certainly not a shortage of businesses willing to shell out the cash. 

Same article reports that it costs $510K to fill up the helium in the big floats. I'm sure it's much less for a "Floa-lloonicle."