Here are 19 excellent questions about the deadly Capitol riot

New York Times bestselling author Don Winslow made a video asking 19 questions about the January 6th terrorist assault on the U.S. Capitol. I wonder if we'll ever get to the bottom of this? If the GOP takes the House in the mid-terms we'll definitely not get truthful answers.

  1. Why wasn't Donald Trump evacuated to the terror attack bunker in the White House during the January 6 attack like he was for the May 29, 2020 protest?
  2. How did the rioters know to target unsecured windows at the Capitol?
  3. How did they find Jim Clyburn's secret office?
  4. Why hasn't a single Republican member of Congress that was involved in January 6 been subpoenaed?
  5. Who planted pipe bombs outside Republican and Democratic headquarters the night before the attack?
  6. Why did Lauren Boebert tweet about Nancy Pelosi's movements during the attack?
  7. What advance knowledge did the FBI have?
  8. Why has Trump not been indicted for pressuring officials to overturn the election?
  9. How did Steve Bannon know the day before the attack?
  10. How many calls to Trump make between 1:10pm and 4:17pm on January 6?
  11. Who ordered the National Guard delay?
  12. Did Michael Flynn's brother stop help from arriving?
  13. Why were there more than 35 Capitol police officers investigated for their role in January 6?
  14. Which Republican officials gave insurrectionists tours of the US Capitol prior to January 6?
  15. Why are Republicans so scared of their January 6 phone records?
  16. Why did it take six months to form the January 6 committee?
  17. Why did it take nine months before the January 6 committee issued its first subpoenas?
  18. Why has there only been one public hearing in almost a year?
  19. Why hasn't a single member of the Trump family been subpoenaed?