An aggressive cop steps on a porch and repeatedly kicks a dog

In horrifying video caught on a home surveillance camera, an Indiana police officer walks up to a porch, where a dog is barking, and proceeds to viciously kick the dog at least five times. You can hear the dog screeching before it takes off.

According to The Kansas City Star, "Indiana police say it's not the whole story," and the dog, who "had been 'charging at everyone that goes by,'" had been lunging at the officers before this video started.

So the solution is to kick the crap out of the dog and then let it run off? Yes, unleashed aggressive dogs can be scary, but surely there's got to be a better way for police officers to handle them. I can't imagine this method of "pet control" is part of the Terre Haute Police Department's manual instructions.

Warning: Although you don't actually see the dog while it's being kicked, you hear it as you watch the aggressive actions of the police officer.