The Monkees singing ' Ríu Chíu' a cappella

It's not the holiday season for me until I've heard The Monkees harmonizing to Ríu Chíu, a traditional Spanish "villancico" (now considered a Christmas carol). In my opinion, it's the best version out there, and it always gets me teary-eyed. Tt's beautifully sung a cappella and according to a 2012 interview with Peter Tork, it was only done "once before TV cameras." Amazing. Seems especially poignant this year now that Nez is gone.

The clip above is taken from their 1967 "The Christmas Show." That is a fun watch, especially at the end where they bring the crew on camera to say hello to their families.

screengrab via The Monkees/YT

(Rusty's Electric Dreams)