Pittsburgh bridge collapse sends morning traffic into ravine

Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice, all of them are frozen solid, many of them are a century old, and one of them just collapsed under the weight of traffic, snow and neglect. Numerous people were injured, including three people aboard a bus that fell into the ravine below, but none of those on the Fern Hollow Bridge were killed. Hopefully no-one was under it.

Ten people were hurt and three of them were taken to a hospital, Pittsburgh Fire Chief Darryl Jones said. All of those injuries were minor, and some of them were first responders who slipped and fell.

There were three to four vehicles on the bridge when it collapsed.

Crews rappelled down to help people. Jones estimated they had to rappel about 100 feet.

It is unclear if anyone was under the bridge.

Because of a gas leak, several families were evacuated from their homes but have been allowed to return, according to Jones, who said gas service was restored.

Here's a photo taken by a local of the bridge's rusted-through support beams, posted in 2018. According to this page, the bridge (more photos) was built in 1901 and replaced in 1973.

I guess those cables didn't do the trick.

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