Machine Gun Kelly discovers that he cannot stop people filming him in public

Performer Colson Baker, known professionally as Machine Gun Kelly, was spotted at the airport by someone identified on social media as a "fan" or "paparazzi" but who may also simply be an obnoxious traveler who recognized him. The man begins recording video with his phone, thereby incurring Machine Gun Kelly's wrath. Kelly approaches, threatens, and apparently assaults the man, all to no avail. At one point Kelly returns with a woman who looks like a security guard, but no sooner does Kelly triumphantly declare victory—"I warned you!"—than she realizes what's going on and drifts away. Kelly is left to give the fan/pap/traveler the middle finger while contemplating the fact that it is not illegal to film him.

Here is an edit of the footage posted on TikTok, capturing the complete unpleasantness of both the man filming and that of Meth Neo himself.


MGK upset about someone recording him and Megan fox! #mgk #meganfox #papparazi

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