"Windowless bunker": Reviews are in for Disney's $5,000 Star Wars hotel

Thinking about maxing out your credit card and spending years to pay off a two-night stay at Disney World's new Galactic Starcruiser hotel? Then you should read the reviews before you make a reservation.

From SF Gate:

Reviews so far are generally positive — particularly praised are the character actors who carry the experience — with a few caveats. Because the hotel itself, called the Halcyon, is supposed to be a luxury cruise ship in space, the biggest complaint is that rooms are small and cramped. Standard rooms have a queen bed, bunk beds and an additional pullout sleep space, which means it is theoretically able to sleep five adults. But most reviews agreed it would feel tight with even three people, especially considering the bathroom only has a single sink. And unlike other luxury hotels, there are no typical amenities like a pool or spa.

"The Halcyon's interior scale just doesn't match up to the grand ship shown in marketing materials. I expected the atrium to be taller, the banquet hall to be wider," Polygon's Charlie Hall wrote. "… Liminal spaces, like hallways and stairwells, feel particularly sterile, like wandering around a suburban junior high school built in the mid-1970s. The staterooms are also entirely too small, falling somewhere in between the narrow cabins of a Disney cruise ship and a basic hotel room in a Disney World resort hotel."

"Disney went all-in on an experience that seemingly puts only the wealthiest guests inside a windowless bunker for two full days," said Disney Food Blog on YouTube.