And now presenting the strange case of Dr. Cruz and Mr. Ted (video)

In the Strange Case of Dr. Cruz and Mr. Ted, the Texas Senator started off as a calm epidemiologist speaking to a crowd this morning. "The virus — the evidence is overwhelming — I think escaped from a Chinese government lab in Wuhan China." The good doctor didn't even flinch much when a voice in the back yelled, "Ted Cruz sucks!" (First video below.)

But just moments later, Mr. Ted — who once schooled Big Bird about Covid vaccines (or was that Dr. Cruz?) — became outraged when somebody asked him if he thought the vaccine has saved lives. "Look! I'm not a doctor! You know what? Why would you take medical advice from me," he snapped. "I wouldn't take medical advice from me. I'm not in the business of giving medical advice!" (Second video below)

Calm (albeit pompous) Dr. Cruz:

Enraged (and still pompous) Mr. Ted: