Ted Cruz runs from reporter's abortion question in parking lot escape

If you want to see a coward in action, look no further than this video of Cancun Cruz doing a fast walk away from an MSNBC reporter asking him to comment on a Texas court's abominable ruling to prevent Kate Cox from getting an abortion:

The reporter caught the sniveling senator in a parking lot. "Are you supportive of the court decision that prevented Kate Cox from getting an abortion after she learned her fetus was not viable?" she asked.

Cruz, a look of panic in his beady eyes, spins around and makes a beeline to his car.

"Just call my press office," he mumbles without looking back.

"I have," says the reporter, "for 2 days with no answer."

Cruz leaps into the passenger seat of his limo, and says, "Thank you."

I'm not sure who he is thanking, but it certainly wasn't the reporter who had the never to ask him an important question, the answer of which could affect the number of votes he would get in the next election. Maybe he was thanking the quick reflexes of his driver, who was ready to whisk him away from the uncomfortable situation.

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