This small dog fell off a yacht and swam seven miles to shore

On Sunday afternoon, this one-year-old cute corgi named Jessica was on her owner Jon Atwood's parent's 65-foot-yacht on Florida's Indian River when she apparently fell or jumped off. As soon as Atwood realized Jessica was gone, they began searching the water in a small boat and posted about her on social media. Two fishermen searched in their own boat and the family distributed fliers in the nearby towns. Monday morning came and they still couldn't locate Jessica.

"Prior to Sunday she had never been in the water, so we had no idea if she would even knew how to swim," Atwood told the Space Coast Daily:

Then, at 6 p.m. on Monday, Atwood received the phone call he had been hoping for from a man in the Rockledge area. Atwood asked the man to bring the dog to him on the River Road in Rockledge where they were finally reunited.

As it turned out, Jessica made it to the shore of a Rockledge neighborhood, an incredible seven miles from where she had gone missing.

"Seeing that she was still alive and knowing that we were going to be reunited flooded with me so much emotion," said Atwood.

Atwood offered the Good Samaritan a reward of $500, but he declined.