Gentleman accidentally sells NFT of a rock for $0.0012, it later sells for $641,866

An NFT collector says he lost his net worth "in a single click" by accidentally selling an NFT for a fraction of a cent, reports Coin Market Cap.

DinoDealer meant to list his EtherRock NFT on OpenSea for 444 ETH (US$1.2 million) but he accidentally listed it for 444 WEI (US$0.0012). A bot came along and bought it before he had a chance to change the price.

Days later, someone bought the same NFT for 234 Ether (US$641,866.68).

DinoDealer went to Twitter for help:

How's your week? Mine? I just erroneously listed @etherrock #44 for 444 wei instead of 444 eth. Bot sniped it in the same block and trying to flip for 234 eth. In one click my entire net worth of ~$1million dollars, gone. Is. there any hope? Am I GMI? Can snipers show mercy?

I wonder how many of these high-priced NFT transactions are wash sales done to inflate the perceived value?