Watch: Giuliani says Trump threatened Putin that he would "blow up" the Kremlin's Cathedral of the Annunciation if Russia attacked Ukraine

Jimmy Kimmel showed a bizarre clip of Rudy Giuliani on a Newsmax show called the Wise Guys. In the clip, Giuliani shares a story about a conversation between Trump and Putin.

"So he has a meeting with Putin and he's telling him, they're talking about Ukraine and he says, 'Vladimir, you shouldn't like attack, uh, Ukraine. Because then I'm gonna… well, you know I never liked those big… what are those things called you got in Moscow, those big bubbles, those big gold bubbles? I never liked those things. So I'm gonna have to blow them up. So Putin says, 'They're churches.' He said, "Oh, Vladimir! Don't tell me that about churches, I did… come on! Churches! You can fool Bush, you can't fool me. Churches!"

After Giuliani delivers this killer punchline, everyone at the table breaks out in laughter and applause at how stupid Trump is.

I suspect Giuliani made up this story on the spot.