Ted Cruz grandstands for just one reason, as seen on his phone by photographer

Performance artist Ted Cruz has made quite a spectacle of himself during Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings (see video below). But his exaggerated outrage is not for the good of American citizens, nor even the good of his misled Texas voters. No, as confirmed yesterday by a Los Angeles Times photographer who snapped a photo of the narcissistic bad actor checking out his phone immediately after one of his outbursts, the Senator's mock ire is all for the sake of his Twitter likes (or lack thereof).

First came his grandstanding:

Second came the immediate inspection of his phone (paying no more attention to the hearings before him now that his scene was over), shown in photo tweeted by L.A. Times reporter Nolan D. McCaskill:

And finally, the aha! photo snapped by L.A. Times photographer Kent Nishimura, who tweeted, "Can confirm this. He was searching twitter for his name, this was right after his exchange with Chairman Durbin."

Via HuffPost