UK police twice detain black man for "wearing a coat" and reportedly delete his footage of encounter

Londoner Eric Taylor says he's now been stopped twice by police on the pretext that he must "account" for the heavy coat he's wearing in March in England—and that on the second occasion an officer confiscated his phone and deleted his recording of the encounter. Taylor, who is black, thinks the second incident was retaliation for the first, which made headlines last week thanks to the viral footage he shot.

The Londoner said: "My phone was left on top of the car with the video that I was recording before they said they were going to put me in handcuffs.

One of the officers deleted the video, they started touching my phone and I shouted please don't touch my phone, don't delete the video, it's for my own safety, don't touch my phone."

"She deleted the video, on my mum's life, God strike me down, she deleted the video. I was thinking, 'you've got your body camera rolling but you deleted my video. What's the point?'"