Truth Social, Trump's social network, suffers "93% drop in signups" since launch

A few weeks ago, Truth Social was still having trouble with its launch. A few weeks later, it is having trouble with traffic: signups are reportedly down 93% since it came stumbling into being. Antoinette Siu:

Former president Donald Trump's Truth Social app is seeing a 93% drop in signups and similarly steep decline in traffic after a rocky rollout last month fraught with technical issues and an extensive waiting list for new signups to actually use the service.

After going live on President's Day, the Twitter-lookalike app saw installs decline by more than 800,000 since its launch week, according to Sensor Tower. Installs on the Apple app store this month have fallen to about 60,000 per week, based on early estimates.

A fitting fate for its CEO, cow-fearing litigant Devin Nunes, who quit congress to fuck this chicken for Trump.

It copies the worst things about Twitter (ersatz social capital, algorithmic feeds) and wrecks the best things about it (news, peers, media) in favor of a whining gyre of right-wingers circling around Trump-cult conspiracy theories. It's absolutely miserable and the man himself seems to have abandoned it.