Workout and multitask while sitting with nearly $150 off this seated elliptical

Working out and relaxing while watching TV typically don't go together, but now you can do both simultaneously with the Cubii Smart Sit bundle. This bundle can incorporate your workout into your everyday routine and includes the Cubii Pro seated elliptical, the Cubii Cushii lumbar cushion, and the Cubii workout mat for just $300.

After a long day at work, not everyone is up for a rigorous CrossFit-style workout routine or making the trip to the gym. With the Cubii Pro seated elliptical, you can work out from the comfort of your couch or desk ā€” it's like being lazy without actually being lazy!

The Cubii Pro brings relaxation and fitness together with its patented whisper-quiet design that can fit into your daily routine without disturbances. The sleek and compact size makes it easy to carry it, store it around your house or office, and fit it within small spaces. 

The Cubii Pro also connects to the Cubii app or other apps and devices like the Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, and Apple Watch to sync and record your workout results. With eight resistance levels, you can customize the level of intensity in your workout and burn up to 150 calories in just one hour while reading or watching your favorite show ā€” you may even forget you're working out. For these reasons, the Cubii Pro earned a 4.7 out of 5-star rating and was featured on platforms like Good Morning America, QVC, and Amazon. 

This Smart Sit Bundle not only includes the Cubii Pro, but it also features the Cubii Cushii and Cubii Workout Mat. The Cubii Cushii is a high-quality, memory foam lumbar pillow that can provide support to your lower back and attaches to most seats and chairs with its adjustable strap. Additionally, the Cushii helps with posture and spinal alignment, increases blood flow, and prevents muscle fatigue while static. Lastly, the Cubii workout mat can give the Cubii Pro supplementary grip support and protects your floors from scratches or marks. 

Working out can be stress-free and convenient with the Cubii Smart Sit Bundle, now 32% off its original price and on sale for $300. 

Prices subject to change.