Thieves steal $22,000 worth of cheese

Thieves allegedly stole more than $22,000 worth of cheese from a dairy farm in Fijnaart, the Netherlands. The cheese was in the form of sixty huge wheels each weighing 22 pounds. I wonder if the criminals will slice up the wheels to milk them for all their worth. (Sorry.) From Food and Wine:

The thieves only left the most mature cheeses — probably because they were on higher shelves than the younger ones[…]

Theo Dekker, the chairman of dairy farmers' organization Bond van Boerderij-Zuiverlbereiders doesn't think that the theft was the work of amateurs. "This is not just about cheese thieves. This is well-organized crime," he told Omroep Brabant. "We are a bit afraid of this. They don't shy away from entering a cheese farm with brute force. In no time they fill their bus and leave."

Dekker also suggested that the cheeses would not be re-sold in the Netherlands, due to the registration code that all Dutch cheeses are required to have. "The number is pressed into the rind and cannot be removed without damaging the cheese," he said. "As a result, the thieves cannot sell the entire cheese in the Netherlands. But yes, if you cut off a piece, you can no longer see where the cheese comes from."

image: RossHelen/