Here's what it looks like when Tucker Carlson moonlights on the eerie set of Russian state TV

When Tucker Carlson isn't promoting his testicle-tanning "bromeotherapy" regimen, he's virtually moonlighting on Russian state TV, siding up with all of the Kremlin's talking points. And to give you a peek as to what that actually looks like, Russian Media Analyst Julia Davis shared a clip (below), in which a Russian host introduces the Putin-puppet with, "Let's watch Tucker Carlson, who also doesn't like any of it." ("Any of it" as in democracy and Ukraine.)

After Carlson's Fox "news" propaganda, translated in Russian, comes to an end, the hosts conclude the segment with a dystopian comment: "He's such a smarty pants. Yes, he's a good guy. It's amazing that he's still free and working."