Netflix is bringing back Iron Chef

No matter how expansive their palates can be, most foodies still have comfort meals that are familiar favorites. Being adventurous with your tastes can be fun, but there's nothing like returning to the tried and true classics. Judging by recent news from Netflix, I suppose the same concept applies to food television. The streaming giant has announced that it will be reviving Iron Chef with its American host, Alton Brown, back at the helm. 

Brown won't be the only face returning for the Iron Chef reboot. Iron Chef winner Kristen Kish will act as the proverbial Sous-chef to Brown's executive chef and share in the hosting duties. Also, fans of the show can look forward to "the Chairman" Mark Dacascos coming back to the series. 

In the teaser trailer embedded above, you can get your first glimpse of the new Iron Chef. Let's hope Netflix has the secret ingredient for the show's success.