Two ex-cops offering a $5,000 reward if you find a dead body in Lake Mead

Last week, visitors to Lake Mead in the Southwestern United States stumbled upon a barrel containing the remains of a decades-old murder victim. The barrel was exposed as the lake level continues to drop due to severe drought. With more bodies expected to turn up, retired police officers David Kohlmeier and Daniel Minor of the Problem Solver video show offering $5,000 to any Scuba divers who find them. From KVVU-TV:

"We do believe there are others out there," Kohlmeier said. "We believe there are cold cases that are out there or missing people in general. Since the water is so low right now there's a chance in history to recover bodies."

The show said they are offering a reward in an effort to bring closure to the friends and families of victims and to assist local law enforcement with their investigation.