Ted Cruz on economic aid to Ukraine: "I think that's crap"

Ted Cruz said that $8 billion in economic aid to Ukraine is "crap."

"There's also in the bill about $8 billion dollars that goes to the government of Ukraine for economic assistance — I think that's crap," the Texas Senator spouted on his podcast. (See video below.)

He was referring to the $8.8 billion in a dedicated fund to help keep Ukraine functioning that is part of a larger bipartisan $40 billion emergency military and humanitarian aid package — one that Cruz backed, according to The New York Times.

You see, spineless Cruz is trying to cozy up to two different sets of voters — his Trump-Putin MAGA fans that he pretends to like, and the more humanitarian general population, in case he runs for president in 2024.

Thus, the only real load of crap in the room is a senator who approves U.S. aid to Ukraine and then sits on his pompous ass to criticize it.