Listen to the Scissor Sisters cover Comfortably Numb

I've spoken about what I look for in a cover before. To me, covers are more than an artist doing a classic track; it's about an artist bringing a unique take on the song. I loathe when artists take the safe road and just mimic a famous song. Give me an artist that takes risks. 

Part of what pulls me towards adventurous covers is the potential for blowback an artist faces when undertaking a beloved song. No one is immune to critics, but when you trifle with something the mob loves dearly, you become a target for vitriol like no other. 

In the video linked above, the massively underrated Scissor Sisters spin the legendary and melancholy anthem of emotional disconnection that is Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb into a Neo-disco jam. The club energy that surges through this track makes it impossible for you to feel the numbness the lyrics describe. The juxtaposition is mesmerizingly creative and deserves way more recognition, in my opinion.