Save over $50 off this smart Belgian waffle maker

Belgian waffles are a blank template for unforgettable weekend breakfasts. From savory creations with avocado, bacon, and goat cheese to the traditional sweet kinds with berries, powdered sugar, and syrup, waffles are unstoppable.

However, nothing brings down a waffle-inspired dream morning like the antiquated, dirty waffle iron that cooks unevenly or worse, unexpectedly burns and dries out your creations. So, if you're looking for perfect waffles to hit your table every breakfast, the AICOOK Smart Pro Belgian Waffle Maker might be worth checking out. It features five different baking programs to cook your waffles precisely to your liking, and it's currently on sale for $145.99 or 53% off.

With five different programs, the AICOOK immediately calculates the precise baking time for whichever waffle you're interested in, and easy-to-hear beeps sound off when cooking is complete. So, when you're scrambling eggs and making coffee, you'll know immediately that the waffles are ready. 

This device is moderately sized but mighty, with 1,600-watt double heating at the top and bottom, and creates waffles that are never too dry or cooked oddly. Four of the baking programs are automatic (Belgian, classic, chocolate and buttermilk), and one allows you to adjust to whatever you like best. There are also seven adjustable "browning levels," so your waffles will be as crispy (or as soft) as you want.

The AICOOK is high quality throughout, as the nonstick baking plates help avoid burning and make for easy cleanup after each use. In addition, this waffle maker comes with a two-year warranty, customer advice, and complimentary technical service. 

It has a five-star rating on Walmart, with more than 325 reviews. "Just bought this for my dad, and we (are) thrilled with it so far," wrote reviewer Jennifer Mauer on "Cooks evenly and when that green light tells you it's done, it's done! Crispy on the bottom and a little less so on top. Flavor is good, and easy to clean."

Sure, you can find an old, unwieldy waffle iron for $10 or less at your thrift shop. But if you want to achieve delicious, fluffy waffles that'll wow your friends and family, invest a little more into the AICOOK Smart Pro Belgian Waffle Maker. From standard Belgian breakfast waffles to chocolate dessert creations, AICOOK has you covered, and it's on sale for just $145.99 right now.

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