Out-of-touch Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup thinks it's "bizarre" to fight climate change (video)

As the United States suffers increasing fires, floods and droughts — and even house-slippage into rivers and seas — Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R–OH) thinks it's "bizarre" to tackle climate change as if our lives depended on it.

"It's bizarre beyond my imagination," said the GQP's Wenstrup, who seems to ignore the "stern warning" given to his own state — specifically Northeast Ohio — about increased flooding and extreme temperatures.

"If you're putting climate change at the very top, and if that's your god, if that's your motivating factor … then you make all these types of moves that don't make sense for the American people."

As if American people are somehow exempt from the disastrous effects of global climate change. Just another science denier making a bizarre-beyond-imagination statement.

Front page thumbnail image: CiEll / shutterstock.com