Watch Ted Cruz get heckled again

Just like the man who couldn't help but heckle Ted Cruz at a restaurant last month (see second video below), another man disgusted with Ted Cruz leaned over the Senator, who was sitting behind a table at the Texas GOP convention in Houston last week, and tore into him.

"Remember how Trump made fun of your wife and you went and became best friends with Trump, why do you do that?" he asked before answering the question himself: "It is because you are a coward. You see, I do love America, you don't."

"You care more about the border between Ukraine and Russia than you do about the border between Texas and Mexico, why is that?" he continued, pointing his finger in the heckler-magnet's face.

As handlers started to push the man away, he asked, "Why are you a globalist? You're a globalist, bud, and that's why you're a coward and a liar."

And then for his parting shot, "When people were freezing and dying in Cancun, Mexico — you remember that? — remember when you were at the all-inclusive buffet and people were freezing? … Remember when people were dying?!"