Save $20 with this Deal Days discount on an AI-powered selfie drone

We understand that life has gotten a little stale now that the excitement for summer has worn off. Now we're just in hot, hot heat, and everything is less fun and a lot sticker. So if you're looking for laughs that won't cause heat stroke, bring the joy inside or out with this awesome Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone, available for $129.99 during our Deal Days sale.

This drone is more than just a fun flyer. It's also an expert photographer! The camera drone is AI-powered, so it captures what it needs to and when it needs to in the most efficient way possible. Just give it a toss, and you're on your way to an awesome single selfie or a group shot with the crew. When you're done, It will fly back home to you without a smartphone or controller connection.

Yeah, so speaking of, let's chat about selfies for a second. The AIR NEO can take wide-angle shots from 5 feet away, so the whole gang can cheese together again. And, if you need just a solo moment, cut everyone else out by using the two close-up shots from 2.5 feet away, using the aforementioned AI technology again to find you,

What's impressive about the Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone is its video capabilities. AIR NEO flies 2.5 feet away and shoots 15 seconds of HD video to catch the whole family having a ton of fun at that next BBQ or outing. For more panoramic views, you can get an angle from 7.5 feet up that rotates 360° while shooting HD video to catch that summer sunset or just the party you're hosting.

When you're done, you can use the instant social media share tool on the AirSelfie app to let your friends in on the action from afar.

The Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone usually costs $159, but you can purchase one for just $129.99 during our Deal Days sale, which ends July 14, and you don't need a coupon to score this deal!

Prices subject to change.