"Primitive building" videos deemed fraudulent

Ever watched the many "primitive building" videos emulating John Plant's Primitive Technology in a peculiar muddy way? Each shows a couple of guys quietly, quickly making a tiny house, pool or other charming environment from clay with simple tools. Alas, they are not what they seem. In this video, SunnyV2 points out all the signs of unseen labor, heavy machinery and construction fakery. Once you know they're there, it's impossible to ignore the excavator tracks!

Primitive technology channels are lying to you. They make their survival builds seem so realistic, yet in this video, we're going to break down how almost every part of the process is completely and utterly fake. From the digging, to the concrete, to the painting, we've got a boat load of evidence for how staged these channels are… besides one, Primitive Technology, who will be used as a baseline for what SHOULD be achievable in a natural setting.

There's no interest in the subject matter beyond running up the numbers. The problem is not corners being cut, but that the whole thing is a perfect circle of efficiency and fraud. As with all such operations, they're indifferent and sloppy enough for insiders to be happy to talk about the details.