Cybertron: The lost Power Rangers spin-off

As a red-blooded American child of the 90s, I was obsessed with Power Rangers. The series acted as the catalyst for my love of the Tokusatsu genre. When I found that there were several Japanese series like Power Rangers, I began to consume them feverishly. However, this was still years before high-speed internet. Some shows would always exist just slightly outside of my grasp due to my location. No matter how much I wanted the uncut dope, I would have to wait until Saban Entertainment diluted the purity of the shows by cutting the series with poor creative decisions. 

Out of all the American Power Rangers spin-offs, VR Troopers was my favorite. The series had an edge and maturity that the Rangers from Angel Grove lacked. Interestingly enough, VR Troopers almost started as another series entirely. In the video linked above, the YouTuber Stefan Saba explains (with some NSFW language) the history of Cybertron and how it became VR Troopers