French artist collages war photos from Ukraine into classical paintings

Fanny Lechevalier Lafon is a French artist trained in classical painting techniques at the School of Fine Arts, Rennes. She also does digital collage. Feeling like she wanted to do something in response to the horrors of the Russian invasion of Ukraine she saw daily on French media, she decided to do what she does best: make art.

I was touched by these moving and terrifying images, but felt very frustrated and powerless as a witness to this tragedy. My digital works, combining classical paintings with recent war images, express my feelings, frustration, opinions, compassion, and my admiration for the Ukrainian nation fighting back.

In Fanny's images, she digitally combines grim and heartbreaking war photography with the classical paintings of Michelangelo, Vermeer, Frederic Leighton, William Henry Margetson, and others.

She tells Boing Boing that she was looking for "a way to respectfully support Ukraine." She hopes the spreading of these images will help keep the public's attention on the war and the impressive resilience of the Ukrainian people.

William Henry Margetson, Awaiting his return.
Photo by Ivor Prickett, painting by William Banks Fortescue
Photo by Michael Schwirtz, painting by Frederic Leighton
Resistance & resilience, just like those shelves, painting by Vermeer

Image Credit: All collaged images used by permission of the artist, Fanny Lechevalier Lafon.