How Tarantino uses food to give a scene flavor

Without question, Quentin Tarantino has left a permanent mark on cinema. While the era of films openly aping Tarantino's trademark style is over, his influence on modern cinema is still incredibly evident. Tarantino's storytelling style is so idiosyncratic and enthralling because of the ancillary choices surrounding his narratives.

There's meticulous intentionality behind all of the seemingly superfluous details that go into any given Tarantino movie. For example, few directors are as known for their selection of licensed music as Tarantino. Several choices are so artfully selected that they mostly go unnoticed by film fans. Oh, yeah, and then there are all the shots of women's feet. Those are hard to miss.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Studio Binder explains how Tarantino uses food and its preparation to give a scene depth. Moreover, the video details how the motif of characters eating in Tarantino's films provides a tiny window into who they are.