Uvalde suspends elementary school principal in latest effort to find a scapegoat for police inaction during massacre

Three hundred and seventy six cops stood in and around Uvalde Elementary School waiting, cowering and restraining locals while a gunman slaughtered 19 children and two teachers in an unlocked classroom. The school district there has finally found a responsible party: Mandy Gutierrez, the school's principal, suspended yesterday for her failure to secure the school.

A special legislative investigation into the May 24 massacre at the school found that Gutierrez was aware of security problems prior to a shooter accessing the school — killing 19 students and two teachers — but she had not had the problems fixed.

District officials declined to discuss the suspension or what it means. … News about Gutierrez's suspension began circulating just before a regularly scheduled school board meeting Monday night. During the session, the board announced that the 2022-23 school year would start on Sept. 6 as the district puts in place a series of security improvements and arrangements for emotional and social support services.

Next they'll be going after the parents for failing to equip their children with ballistic armor.