Check out this hilarious "political ad" by a man who calls himself "Dixon Butts"

Check out this HILARIOUS "political ad" by a man who calls himself "Dixon Butts," from Gilbert, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix). In the ad, Dixon Butts, wearing a black cowboy hat, a blue cowboy shirt, and blue jeans, stands next to a sign that has an American flag flying next to a photo of Dixon Butts wearing the exact same outfit.

The sign reads "Gilbert Needs Dixon Butts," and the smaller print reads, "Not Runnin' For Anything, Just Wanted To Make A Sign." In the TikTok video, the voiceover reads: "Gilbert needs Dixon Butts. Loyal. Hardworking. A man of the people. Not a politician. I'm Dixon Butts, and I approved this message."

This dude is hilarious. I want to drive over to Gilbert and find him and go have a beer with him. Never mind Gilbert, the whole WORLD needs Dixon Butts!