These mushroom gummies could be your key to turning around a bad day.

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Serenity now! That's the phrase Seinfeld MVP dad Frank Costanza was instructed to say whenever he needed to avoid high-stress situations and keep his blood pressure in check. Of course, Frank constantly yelled the phrase, mostly defeating the calming sentiment behind it.

But we're all really chasing serenity, right? Heck, some people even listen to the benign ambient noise of a chilled-out coffee house to help unwind. Of course, we won't endorse gimmicks like catchphrases or ASMR recordings to relax, but you might be surprised what a few expertly crafted mushroom gummies can do on that front.  

Specifically, the ten different adaptogenic mushroom extracts found in WonderDay Mushroom Gummies from Plant People. Exclusively handpicked to bond together, these gummies help to level out your mood, reduce anxiety, give your energy a lift, and help keep you balanced, focused, and productive throughout your day. And they taste incredible. 

You probably already know mushrooms are natural healers, packed with varying properties for turning a bad day around. But the finely honed balance reached with these various compounds is its true secret weapon. For example, brain health and cognitive abilities get a boost from Lion's Mane extract, while Reishi lowers stress and restores calm to the body. 

Teaming up with the energy surge from Cordyceps and the gut health restoratives and immune boost of Turkey Tail, the overall collection synchs together to create homeostasis. This internal body equilibrium makes the WonderDay formulation more potent than its individual parts.

Just get into a healthy rhythm by taking a pair of gummies a day, and the cumulative use retrains your body into maintaining its natural internal balance. This helps you better combat the effects of daily stressors or bad days if they happen.

And if you're concerned about what mushroom gummies will taste like, there's no cause for alarm. WonderDay Gummies were crafted in consultation with trained chefs to taste great — like a plump, juicy wild raspberry. They are also all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-, gelatin-, and high fructose corn syrup-free, so you can feel good about what you're putting into your body.

"I feel much more at ease with a lot of different things that I would normally be hyped about. I'm able to focus and all around having a really good and positive experience with this product," WonderDay user Mary said. If you don't want that blah feeling of being run down…this is an absolute must."

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