Kimiko Nishimoto's wonderful self-portraits

Check out the awesome self-portraits created by photographer Kimiki Nishimoto, who has been creating images since she discovered photography at the age of 72 (she's now in her 90s). The images are delightful, featuring the artist in whimsical poses and wondrous scenes. My Modern Met describes her photographs like this:

Nishimoto's growing portfolio features many light-hearted images of herself in fantastical situations. Using a camera and aided by photo manipulation programs, she imagines herself riding a broom like a witch and speaking to a bird as she floats in mid-air, also on a broom. The nonagenarian will often share images of herself being mischievous, too. One of her latest pictures shows her gleefully tying someone to a chair. But the dramatic photos, paired with some over-the-top editing choices, make us sure that Nishimoto means it all in good fun.

Pen also recently wrote an article about her, providing some information about her history:

Kimiko Nishimoto, a former housewife in her nineties, discovered photography at the age of 72 when a friend invited her to a beginners' photography class. Since then, she hasn't put her camera down, and has transitioned from photographing still lifes to trying her hand at self-portraits. Armed with her tripod and remote control, Kimiko Nishimoto puts herself centre stage, often in some kind of costume, for photos in which she regularly appears to be floating. 

Nishimoto's preferred playground is the area surrounding her home in Kumamoto, and in some photos she presents herself as the victim of a scooter or bike accident, half-flattened by a car, or flying through the air at the speed of light from the comfort of her electric wheelchair. Kimiko Nishimoto has mastered image editing software, which allows her to let her imagination run wild. Her style is clearly popular, because she has already been the subject of several exhibitions across Japan, notably one held at the Epson Imaging Gallery Epsite in Tokyo. 

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