This subscription is perfect for arts-and-crafts lovers

Unless a total shift happens to shake up the norm, most people spend their lives waking up, going to work, eating dinner, going to bed, and repeat. And, yes, there are some variables that change throughout, but we are largely bogged down by the commitments we must uphold to do important things like eat and have shelter. There's always time to stress about life, so make sure you're practicing self care to combat that anxiety. Instead of joining expensive in-person art classes, try this Craftsy Arts and Crafts Online Courses: One Year Subscription  and find a new passion to sink your teeth into.

Time to perfect your craft the digital way for less than the price of your Starbucks latte. No matter what you dabble in, the Craftsy Arts and Crafts Online Course subscription has a variety of resources for you. You'll get 1,500 premium art classes to master all of your current or potential hobbies including fabric arts, cooking, and a host of other trades (more than 20, to be exact).

Like the feeling of knowing your instructor rather than just an online course? Us too, that's why you'll also get admission to live instructor events to follow along when classes and courses aren't enough to feed your insatiable need for being creative. To couple with the weekly refresh in tools, you'll also receive newsletters with different inspo, so you're never without a new perspective.

If you're not a solo creator and want someone to get down and artsy with, this membership can be shared with up to three of your favorite people. This way mom can learn to knit, you can learn to paint, and the whole family can have more fun. 

Get the Craftsy Arts and Crafts Online Courses: One Year Subscription for $2.99 (Reg. $89).

Prices subject to change.