How will Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who be dispatched? Possible spoilers follow….

Regenerations in Doctor Who are always bittersweet. The transformation sequence is quite literally a death and rebirth for the series and its enigmatic lead. Fans of the departing Doctor will weep for Britain's favorite Time Lord while simultaneously tenting their fingers in anticipation of the new Doctor's reveal. More times than not, fans already know who the replacement Doctor is going to be, but the method of dispatch for the current incarnation is usually a mystery.

In the case of the oncoming storm that is the 14th Doctor, pretty much everyone already knows that Ncuti Gatwa will be the next owner of the Tardis. Fans are a little less sure about how the current Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, will exit the role. According to Doctor Who magazine, the 13th Doctor could face a similar fate as another fictional British legend. If you're trying to avoid spoilers, I once again urge you to jump off here. 


Doctor Who Magazine reports that the upcoming centenary special – recently titled The Power of the Doctor – features a "Reichenbach Falls moment", referencing a famous confrontation between Sherlock and Moriarty in short story The Final Problem.

The scene sees detective Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis fall, seemingly to their deaths, from the top of a waterfall, following a one-on-one scrap.

In a feature, Paul Kirkley of Doctor Who Magazine (via CultBox) notes that The Master was intended as a Moriarty-style counter to The Doctor when first pitched by co-creator Terrance Dicks, making this a fitting homage.