Russian recruitment officer in intensive care after draftee shoots him

Shocking video shows a man, apparently being drafted into the Russia-Ukraine war, shooting his recruiting officer in Úst-Ilimsk in Irkutsk. Both are alive, according to the most recent reports, with the officer in intensive care and the man held and charged with attempting to assassinate a public official.

Another man set himself on fire, adds The Daily Beast:

Separately, another man tried to burn himself alive at a bus station in Ryazan, about 115 miles southeast of Moscow. A witness to the self-immolation attempt told a local news channel that the man "laughed and shouted that he did not want to be part of the special operation" in Ukraine, referring to the legally-enforced euphemism that Putin is using to describe the war. Disturbing CCTV footage shows the man dousing himself in lighter fluid before erupting in flames, Meduza reports. The man's condition is not known, though he reportedly suffered 90 percent burns across his body.