Watch Mike Lindell brag about trying to take all the drugs in Minnesota

"There is no room in the drug culture for amateurs." — Uncle Duke, Doonesbury

Trump sycophant and pillow salesperson Mike Lindell claims to have once tried to rid Minnesota of drugs by ingesting them all. Assuming Minnesota has a high volume of low-quality pharmaceuticals, this explains much about Mr. Lindell's beliefs and behaviors.

Crooks and Liars:

So, anyway, Lindell says that Trump isn't racist.

Lindell said on this show that he just met for 7 hours with a New York Times reporter. He went on to say that he told him he never voted in his life until after he met Trump in 2016, and people in inner-city Minneapolis vouch for him that he's not a racist.

And he added that he tried to rid the state of Minnesota of drugs by "doing them all."

Trump isn't a racist? I wonder if Lindell is having flashbacks.