Bone Appétit: Fancy restaurant for dogs opens in San Francisco

Doggos are getting the gourmet treatment in San Francisco with the opening of Dogue, a fine-dining establishment that caters to canines. That's right, a restaurant just for dogs. You will find no people food here. Started as a raw dog food service in 2015, Dogue's owner, Chef Rahmi Massarweh, has now moved on to offering his artisanal treats in a more formal way.

SF Chronicle has the scoop:

Dogue opened last week at 988 Valencia St. with pastries and "dogguccinos" served during the day and a $75, three-course tasting menu on Sundays. Passersby could easily confuse this for San Francisco's hottest new all-day cafe. A glass case is filled with elegant pastries, like a rose-shaped cake filled with wild venison heart and a doggy petit gâteau modeled after the creations of acclaimed French pastry chef Cédric Grolet.  (Dogue's version swaps butter and sugar for grass-fed cream and braised chicken.) On Sundays, Dogue transitions into Bone Appetit Cafe, where chicken-mushroom soup is poured tableside — and then promptly licked up by the eager diners.

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image: New Africa/