A week after announcing closure of its cloud gaming platform, Google announces cloud gaming laptops

I feel something may be awry with project continuity at Google, which announced the closure of its cloud gaming platform only to announce its own cloud gaming laptops days later.

Google is introducing a new breed of Chromebooks that puts cloud gaming first. Coming this month in October are three new Chromebook models from these OEMs with features like RGB keyboards and high refresh rate screens. Prices on the devices start as low as $399 and can reach as high as $799. You'll be able to find them at many popular retailers like Walmart, and BestBuy, and enjoy cloud streaming services like Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, as well as Nvidia GeForce Now.

I'd say I felt sorry for whoever had to turn this thing on a dime to cut Stadia out, but you know what? Maybe they've already moved on to a new project and all this is someone else's problem now!

All that said, high-end gaming on low-end laptops is great. The marketing photos don't show something that I always want for this, though: a wired internet connection. The 6Ghz-band 802.11ax WiFi radios on these laptops are the business end for not needing one, but a router to match costs as much as a GPU anyway.