Prepare to dig Cards Against Humanity's new cards out of a jar of clam mayonnaise

Cards Against Humanity has announced Clam-O-Naise. It's literally a jar of clam mayonnaise that has 30 playing cards "about clams and creaminess" inside. Besides a tangy cod-filled mayo, the jar also includes a free "Clam-O-Prize" which they write could be "real pearls, clam-themed vacations, merch, or even a CAR!" Clam-O-Naise is only available through Target ($9.99) but you can rake up clammy lifestyle products through the Clam-O-Merch store.

It's clam time, America! Cards Against Humanity's all-new Clam-O-Naise® combines creamy, tangy mayo with the delicious fresh taste of real clams. We're not messing around! We worked with a team of serious chefs and food scientists to bring you a shockingly-delicious clam-flavored mayonnaise. Every jar comes with 30 incredible new cards hidden inside and a FREE Clam-O-Prize! So what are you waiting for?