Light deep candles, pipes, and more — totally burn-free — with this inverted lighter

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There's nothing better than the crisp breeze under the deep night sky while starting one of those well-awaited late autumn bonfires. The smell of crackling firewood is enticing, but the scent of burning index finger skin is not. If you need to give a little light when it's otherwise impossible to do so, the Dissim, a uniquely shaped lighter, can help.

The Dissim Inverted Lighter has a myriad of uses (including lighting candles that help forecast COVID patterns, apparently), making it essential for your home, office, or anywhere else you may need a quick light. The finger hole at the bottom of the mechanism makes for a firm ergonomic grip, which means that doing the flicking motion that makes your thumb go numb on conventional lighters is a nonissue here.

Speaking of your digits (and keeping them intact), the angled flame port ignites in the inverted position, so you can keep your epidermis from being singed if you need to light the extra deep candle (the one you just won't let die until your house burns down). If you want to use it upright, you can totally do that too, but inverting it would make you look a lot cooler at parties.

The best part? The Dissim is designed to be refilled, so buying disposable lighters and filling our planet with absolute garbage is alleviated. Mother Nature will thank you when she's done doing weird crap. Still not convinced? Just ask the 7,067 backers who threw $333,596 at this product on Kickstarter. They were convinced they had a good thing coming and the risk totally paid off.

Check out what HypebeastUncrateand Everyday Carry are making a fuss about. Get the Dissim Inverted Lighter for $39.99 (Reg. $48).

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