Watch: JD Vance forgot about something called video and Twitter when he lied in debate

Ohio candidate JD Vance (R) isn't only a Trumpian "ass-kisser," he's also a dumbass liar, as demonstrated Monday night during his second debate after opponent Rep. Tim Ryan (D) accused him of backing "the most extreme" extremists.

"We are running for the United States Senate. This is the highest office you could get in this country except for president," Ryan said. "And he's running around backing these extremists. The most extreme people in the country. A guy who denied Sandy Hook. He's like, 'No, he's credible.'" Vance is known for siding up with InfoWars host and cruel Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones.

"This is a complete fabrication. I never said that, Tim," Vance shot back, pretending he never said Jones was "a far more reputable source of information than Rachel Maddow," in a tweet (see below).

And also forgetting that he later defended his tweet in a video, in which he likened Jones to someone who just "thinks outside the box," and "maybe this is a crazy idea, but maybe it's true."

"Okay," Ryan said, looking at his watch. "It'll be like 30 minutes and we're all going to know you're lying."

And just like magic, in about 30 minutes, we all knew Vance was lying. See video below:

Front page thumbnail image: JD Vance and Tim Ryan in Ohio Debate / NBC (screengrab)