How to make comics the Chip Zdarsky way

I first became familiar with writer/illustrator Chip Zdarsky through his work with Matt Fraction on the delightfully heartfelt and hilarious erotic thriller Sex Criminals. But Zdarsky — who came to that book from a career as a newspaper cartoonist and columnist — proved to have much more up his sleeve than some clever dick jokes hidden in the background of every scene (although he is very good at that). He currently writes both Batman and Daredevil, along with his own original noir-ish creation Newburn, and he's written everything from the meta-family drama of Public Domain to Howard the Duck.

And now, he's finally coming clean his secrets, offering advice to those who are eager to follow in his footsteps and thrustily enter the comic book industry. Or any storytelling media, really.

Well, sort of. Just watch. Even if you don't like comics, I don't think you'll be disappointed. You can also watch episode 1 below, if you're short on ideas.