Slow Roads, a "chill" driving game you can play for free in your browser

Slow Roads is a putatively relaxing driving game, the result of 16 months of work by anslo. All you do is drive through a procedurally-generated Peak District, without having to worry about checkpoints, racing other drivers or getting lost. You can even set it to drive itself. The default setup is bucolic, but you can change the season, the vehicle and the environment to suit your preferences. If you want, you can drive a bus through the toxic murk of Venus.

Slow Roads is a casual, procedurally-generated driving game which lets you disconnect from life for a while and run endlessly toward the distant horizon. Set the scenery to suit your mood, throw on some music, and
just drive.

Of course, no sooner than I get behind the wheel than I skid off to one side, pick my way through the trees only to find myself unable to return to the asphalt because of the crash barrier, then endure miles of offroad scrambling because I missed the popup saying "press R to reset car" and want to engage with the simulation in good faith. I end up lost in the woods and nearly submerged in a lake. Absolutely fucking harrowing.

UPDATE: If you find the movement "sluggish", try hitting C to change camera perspective to first-person.