Hate using a standard tape measure? This lightweight alternative uses lasers instead!

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As you reach adulthood, some tools are simply impossible to live without. Some examples include a vacuum cleaner and a screwdriver. And everybody needs a tape measure. So whether you're doing DIYs at home or need to measure furniture or room width from time to time, a tape measure is absolutely essential. But they're not ideal for big distances, super-minute measurements, and the digital world. 

That's where a super-compact laser distance meter comes in. Meet the M-30+ by Magpie Tech. It's basically a beautiful marriage between the handiest, sturdy distance-measuring device and a toy you'll probably get a sense of childlike wonderment from. It's supremely useful and also pretty fun. But most importantly, it's available now for $69.98. 

The M-30+ meter eliminates the annoyance of carrying around a tape measure all day. Side note: Why the heck are tape measurers so heavy? This one is only 7.7 cm big and weighs only 40g, making it compact enough to fit into your pocket. Carrying around your tools just got a lot easier. 

The Magpie Tech M-30+ uses incredible technology to provide one of the highest levels of accuracy of any portable measuring device out there. It can measure up to 30 meters or 98 feet. So it's a bit more than you can say for most tape measures. And with plus or minus 1.5mm of accuracy, you've also got way more of an opportunity to get it right. 

With high battery efficiency and the ability to store the distances you measure, you can take this guy from your home to the hardware store and back again, however often it takes. It also makes an incredible gift. 

The Magpie Tech M-30+ is currently on sale for only $69.98.

Price subject to change.