Ted Cruz is gushing about the "gorgeous woman in a halter top" who sat near him on Sunday

When Senator Ted Cruz isn't fantasizing about Cancun, he's lusting over the "gorgeous woman" who sat behind him at the Yankees game on Sunday. "So in the seat behind me there is this gorgeous woman in a halter top," he recalled with gusto on his podcast yesterday (see below).

"So I will say, my buddy Jeff leaning next to me, he sort of leans over and tells me, 'Okay, she's behind you. She's selling an NFT,'" he recounted like a young frat boy in heat. "So she had some sign and she's selling it and she has — to use the Monty Python phrase, 'She has great tracts of land,'" he continued, referring to the woman's large breasts.

The married man then talked about his deep struggle that day, not knowing where to aim his eyes. He even had a pep talk with himself: "I'm looking forward, and if I turn around, my eyes are up, dammit.'" Cruz knew that if he gave in to his urges, and looked at those great tracts, someone would catch him in the act and he'd again be the laughing stock of mainstream media.

But what should we expect from a man who cozies up to tyrants who call his wife ugly? He hasn't changed a bit since the days he aspired to be in a "teen tit film."

Front page thumbnail image: mark reinstein / shutterstock.com